Why Choose Roselea

Tailored and Individual Care

At Roselea, we concentrate only on dementia care and nothing else, so our team is expert at dealing the unique needs of dementia sufferers and how best to help them thrive.

Our secure facility was built specifically for people living with dementia to enable them to uphold their independence and live a more comfortable life in a homely and familiar environment. We believe that people living with dementia should have every opportunity to live as independently as possible, function at their greatest potential and enjoy life.

Feelings matter

At Roselea we believe that as a person’s dementia progresses and their cognition (ability to make decisions) deteriorate, they go from being thinking beings to ‘feeling’ beings. Most of their decisions and communications are based around their present feelings and their sense of reality.

We make a special effort to ‘jump into their bubble’ and connect with their present feelings to interpret their words or communications, regardless of how irrational these may seem to others.

We create a home and offer care which is calming and makes sense of the anxiety they may feel.


Dedicated staff

We have highly trained staff that specialises in the unique challenges that dementia brings. They are qualified and keep their training of a high standard so you can rest assured that your family members are in good hands.


We believe in building a community

  • Dad and I have gone to many places trying to find respite care. He really likes it here. He has come home and returns quite happy. I found the staff really easy going answer any questions I have and they go beyond to help dad feel comfortable and at home.
  • My father was in full-time care for over a month before he passed. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the staff and the quality of care given to him during this difficult time. Each time we had to leave we took comfort in knowing that he was in excellent hands and I can't thank the staff enough for their invaluable support and kindness.
  • To all of you at Roselea, words cannot express how thankful we are that all of you took care of our mum & nan. You all have been so kind & loving for that last 5 years. I know that mum thought of you as family, just as we do…Again thank you all for everything you have done for mum and ourselves over the years.